Phil of Phil’s BBQ is a great Tax Fighter

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Phil, who is the owner of Phil’s BBQ, held a great Prop D fundraiser last night, and made a an amazing 5 thousand dollar conribution towards fighting Prop D, the sales tax increase.  I spoke with Phil who described himself as not hating politics, but is just “really mad” at what’s going on.  Phil’s been in San Diego for 20 years.  Originally Phil is from Cleveland, a town that has had a population decrease of roughly 50% over the last 40 years due to a poor economic environment.

Phil stuck me as a classic entrepreneurial guy who just wants to run an honest business, but is frustrated that politicians’ failure to make tougher choices results in his customers’ tab increasing.

If you have a chance to visit Phil’s restaurant, please do.  Good food and it goes into the pocket of a true tax fighter!