San Diego Tax Fighters’ Proposition Recommendations for Nov 2012


Contact:  Richard Rider, Chairman        Phone:  858-530-3027

Proposition Recommendation Description
30 No Temporary taxes to fund education
31 Yes Two year state budget
32 Yes Prohibits political contributions by payroll deduction
33 Yes Changes law to allow auto insurance companies to set prices
34 Position Not Taken Death penalty repeal
35 Position Not Taken Human trafficking penalties and sex offender registration
36 Yes Three strikes law sentencing for repeat felony offenders
37 No Genetically engineered foods mandatory labeling
38 No Tax for education and early childhood programs
39 No Increase tax treatment for multistate businesses
40 Position Not Taken Redistricting of state senate districts
Proposition Recommendation Description
A Yes City of Carlsbad – charter amendment
B Yes City of Chula Vista – charter amendment
C No Cajon Valley Union School District – bonds
D No Dehesa School District – bonds
E No Chula Vista Elementary School District – bonds
F No City of Coronado – increase hotel tax
H Yes City of Del Mar – medical marijuana dispensaries
J Position Not Taken City of Del Mar – amend village specific plan
K Position Not Taken City of Encinitas – to elect a mayor and city council members
L Position Not Taken City of Encinitas – office of mayor to be two years
M Position Not Taken City of Encinitas – term of office of mayor to be four years
N Position Not Taken City of Escondido – amend general plan
P Yes City of Escondido – charter city proposal
R No Ramona Unified School District – bonds
S Yes City of Imperial Beach – medical marijuana dispensaries
T Yes City of Lemon Grove – medical marijuana dispensaries
U No City of Santee – increase hotel tax and broaden definition
V No Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District – bonds
W Yes City of Solana Beach – medical marijuana dispensaries
Y No South Bay Union School District – bonds
Z No San Diego Unified School District – bonds
AA No San Dieguito Union High School District – bonds
BB Position Not Taken Bonsall Union School District – unify school district with Fallbrook
CC No Del Mar Union School District – bonds
EE No MiraCosta Community College District – bonds
Carl DeMaio Mayor of City of San Diego
Ray Ellis City Council of San Diego District 1
Jerry Kern Mayor of Oceanside
George Plescia CA State Senate District 39
Scott Hasson San Diego Community College District B

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2012 June Ballot Recommendations

San Diego Tax Fighters June Ballot Voter Recommendations

Contact:  Richard Rider, Chairman

Phone: 858-530-3027

LOCAL PROPOSITIONS (with “!” for extra importance or emphasis)

  • Proposition A – City of San Diego Fair & Open Competition Ordinance. Amends Municipal Code: YES!!
  • Proposition B – City of San Diego Comprehensive Pension Reform Initiative. Amends City Charter: YES!!!
  • Proposition C – City of Chula Vista Charter Amendment. Limit Authority, Compensation and Establish Term Limits for Elected City Attorney. Establish Office of Legislative Counsel: NO
  • Proposition D – City of El Cajon Charter Adoption. Change from General Law to Charter City: YES!
  • Proposition E City of Oceanside Ordinance. Phase Out Mobile Home Park Rent Control: YES!
  • Proposition F – City of Oceanside Charter Amendment. Numbered Council Seats: YES!
  • Proposition G – Mt. Empire Unified School District $30.8 million School Bond Measure: NO
  • Proposition H – Alpine Union School District $12 million School Bond Measure: NO!


  • Proposition 28 – Limits on Legislator’s Terms in Office. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.: NO POSITION
  • Proposition 29 – Imposes Additional Tax on Cigarettes for Cancer Research. Initiative Statute.: NO!


Mayor Carl DeMaio

City Council
District 1 Ray Ellis
District 7 Scott Sherman
District 5 Mark Kersey

District 39 — George Plescia

District 77 — Dustin Steiner

District B Scott Hasson

District A Mark Powell

Mayor Jerry Kern

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Phil of Phil’s BBQ is a great Tax Fighter

Phil, who is the owner of Phil’s BBQ, held a great Prop D fundraiser last night, and made a an amazing 5 thousand dollar conribution towards fighting Prop D, the sales tax increase.  I spoke with Phil who described himself as not hating politics, but is just “really mad” at what’s going on.  Phil’s been in San Diego for 20 years.  Originally Phil is from Cleveland, a town that has had a population decrease of roughly 50% over the last 40 years due to a poor economic environment.

Phil stuck me as a classic entrepreneurial guy who just wants to run an honest business, but is frustrated that politicians’ failure to make tougher choices results in his customers’ tab increasing.

If you have a chance to visit Phil’s restaurant, please do.  Good food and it goes into the pocket of a true tax fighter!

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