About Us

San Diego Tax Fighters is a grassroots, all-volunteer, unabashedly pro-taxpayer advocacy group. We don’t allow corporate membership, nor do we accept corporate funding.

While concerned with taxes at every level of government, with our limited resources, we concentrate more on local and California state governments rather than on national issues.

There are three fundamental viewpoints on taxes:

1. Taxes are too high
2. Taxes are high enough
3. Taxes are too low

San Diego Tax Fighters represent people who favor choice “1” or “2”. The third viewpoint is amply represented by countless other organizations.

We are not an “anti-tax” organization. We recognize that some taxes are necessary to provide fundamental government services. But we want the maximum return for our taxpayer dollar — the most service for the least cost. Furthermore, we recognize that government has taken on some functions best left to the private sector, or to the individual.