June 2014 Primary Voting Recommendations

See and print San Diego Tax Fighters’ Voting recommendations for the 2014 June Primary.

June, 2014 California State and San Diego Region Recommendations

NOTE:  San Diego Tax Fighters is primarily interested in fiscal issues.  Thus we have a natural tendency to pick Republicans over Democrats – especially since no third party candidates will be on the November ballot (thanks to the “top two” bogus reform).

Some candidates we endorse by name – indicating we have enough confidence that they will be fairly good (to VERY good) on tax and spend issues.  Some races we make no endorsement for one or more of these three reasons:

  1. The candidate’s commitment to fiscal frugality has not been demonstrated to our satisfaction.
  2. We don’t know the people in the race.
  3. We think there is more than one good candidate choice for the race.

It should be noted that we do occasionally add OR SUBTRACT a recommendation prior to the election – this list is subject to change.   Bear that in mind.

IMPORTANT:  We have two general levels of support for a candidate:

1.  ACTIVELY SUPPORT – This rare category encourages SD TF supporters to both contribute and volunteer for this candidate.  These are KEY candidates in COMPETITIVE races where your financial and volunteer assistance can help affect the outcome of the race.  Occasionally this might be a candidate who is not a top-flight fiscal bulldog, but the competitive race is critical to the passage or blocking of legislation.  A designated candidate will have ACTIVELY SUPPORT after their name.

2.  PASSIVELY SUPPORT – This is the “normal” level of support – vote for them, but don’t feel compelled to donate or volunteer for the candidate based on our recommendation alone.  Since almost all candidates fall into this second category, we don’t need to list this level of support beside each candidate’s name.

In many races, the ultimate winner is already known, thanks to the state’s demographics or (locally) gerrymandered districts.  So while voting is a right/privilege/obligation/whatever, the outcome is too often preordained.  But there are enough competitive races to merit voting.  Propositions are particularly important, as they are issue specific.


Governor – Tim Donnelly

Lt. Governor – Ron Nehring

Controller – Ashley Swearengin

Treasurer – Greg Conlon

Attorney General – David King

Insurance Commissioner – Ted Gaines

Board of Equalization – 4th District – none (several good choices)


Prop 41 – Veterans Housing and Homeless Bonds – NO

NOTE:  Most people and groups support this measure.  Even taxpayer groups.  But most supporters (even taxpayer groups) think that it’s like the previous veterans bonds in that it’s self-funding (the previous veteran MORTGAGE bonds were paid for by the vets).

But this measure is a labor union and nonprofit boondoggle that will spend a lot of money for doubtful value and zero taxpayer reimbursement.  Redundant veterans’ programs will have fat budgets and zero performance requirements. The building of veterans’ housing will be incredibly overpriced “affordable” housing – built with “prevailing wage” labor union requirements.  The cost per assisted vet will be absurdly high.

Moreover, we don’t think it’s the job of the STATE governments to take care of military veterans – there are numerous federal programs, plus many nonprofits and charities helping vets.

Finally, the $50 million annual bond payment is a NEW expenditure and ongoing obligation.  To gain SD Tax Fighters’ support, we’d like to see a CUT in some other program spending (or public employee compensation) to make the prop revenue neutral.

Prop 41 is a “feel good” measure that will pass with overwhelming majorities, but sadly few understand this very different veterans’ bond measure than the self-funded mortgage bonds of years past – it’s a sop to the labor unions at taxpayer expense.

Prop 42 – Public Records – YES
In essence, it further mandates local governments deliver the goods when public record requests are received.  The cost is minimal compared to the valued disclosure (and ongoing THREAT of disclosure) that such transparency provides.



PROP A – Election “housekeeping” changes of little import and less cost – but necessary.
PROPS B & C – Attempts to dramatically cut back industrial activity around NAASCO shipyard for little residential benefit.  Definite NO votes on both.



52nd District – Carl DeMaio – ACTIVELY SUPPORT
53RD District — Larry A. Wilske

38th State Senate District – Joel Anderson

71st Brian Jones

75th Marie Waldron

78th Barbara Decker


San Diego County Assessor – Ernie Dronenburg

San Diego county Treasurer – Dan McCallister


District 6 – Chris Cate – ACTIVELY SUPPORT
District 2 – Lorie Zapf – ACTIVELY SUPPORT


San Diego Community College, District A – Donna J. Woodrum

San Diego Unified School District B – Amy Christine Redding

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