San Diego Tax Fighters Ballot Recommendations

Prop      Subject     Recommendations
19    Marijuana         YES
20    Elections         YES
21    Taxes             NO
22    State spending    NO
23    Environment       YES
24    Taxes             NO
25    State spending    NO
26    Taxes             YES
27    Elections         NO

Prop		Recommended	Description
A		YES		Ban on County Project Labor [Union] Agreements
B		No Position     San Diego City Attorney Office hiring practices
C		No Position     Development of Pacific Highlands Ranch
D		NO		San Diego City Sales Tax increase
G		YES		Carlsbad — Require citizen vote to raise pensions
H		NO		Chula Vista — Raise phone taxes
J		NO		SD Unified School District — Impose parcel tax
K		NO		San Marclos School District Bond
L		NO		Julian High School Bond
M		NO		Dehesa School District Bond
O		NO		South Bay Union School Parcel Tax
P		NO		Encinitas Union School Bond
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